We design and manufacture switchgear and controlgear systems for various industries and to specified requirements.



We design and manufacture LV switchgear for commercial building projects and public infrastructure projects such as Transport, Energy, Health, Education, as well as Government Institutions and public spaces. Our switchgear is designed and built fully in-house, with a high level of durability, reliability and convenience.



Industrial Automation includes the use of control systems such as PLC systems, VSD's etc. Our team has decades of experience in the manufacture of control panels, programming, commissioning and maintenance. We work closely as a service partner for system integrators and clients in the automation industry. Siemens and Allen Bradley are among our specialties. We collaborate with consultants and clients via EPLAN to increase efficiency and speed up the project turn-around.

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Offshore and onshore aquaculture projects require energy to power standard safety, navigation and maintenance equipment. Fish feeders, ice production, refrigeration and marine sensors are areas where we assist with power distribution and control systems solutions.



Sustainability in agriculture and associated primary industries, which are both energy-intensive, is seeing the increased use of renewable energy. We are assisting in improving energy efficiency for whole-of-farm approaches and supply switchboards, pump station control panels and metering solutions, in weatherproof and heavy duty enclosures.